Summertime With Family And Friends

The Welcoming Bridge

The Welcoming Bridge

Summer is a time of the year to make memories… Of family gatherings, weddings, travels, and beautiful sunsets.



Each year our family has joined with 250 other people to share a week together at Seabeck Conference Center on Hood Canal in Washington State.  We have been doing this for 27 years, with the same family groups, and have made it a huge part of each year.  I share this with you because I really believe an anchor to look forward to each year is very important to our CameraWalking commitment to “health, fitness, and creativity”.

A Great World to Escape To...

A Great World to Escape To…

There is nothing better that spending time with multi-generations to put life into perspective…rarely do we have a time to share the past memories of 100 Years of life with children just beginning their path through life.  It is a joy to share!

Four Generations... from 5 months to 99 years old!

Four Generations… from 5 weeks to 99 years old!

There is beauty in fun!

A Relay Race

A Relay Race

There is health in movement and crazy fun!

Slip and Slide!

Slip and Slide!

There is creativity in sharing talents with others!

There is joy in a song!

There is joy in a song!

There is peace in a talk…

Girls talking

A walk…


A A A A …A game

take 2 (24)

A hug…

a talk

I am sharing this with you in hopes that you each find summer a time to reflect, share, and head out for adventures with friends and family.  And take your camera along to make those memories last a lifetime! You will never regret it!


Enjoy CameraWalking in the summer!


Many thanks to Camera Walkers Laurel Arwine and Bob Steinmann for many of the photos.

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