CameraWalking On A Farm…A Simple Collection

Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley

We are good at finding local routes in neighborhoods to walk that give us a variety of subjects to photograph.  This past weekend, I took my Camera Walk to a farm in Quilcene, Washington  on the Olympic Peninsula  to take a different approach to creative walking.

Barn and Horse mod

I wasn’t sure how this adventure would work out, but I found myself having great fun taking pictures of this very active working farm.  I also managed to get lots of walking in, clocking in with over 10,000 steps for the day.

Waiting for a walk

Waiting for a walk

I was not sure how this collection would come out, so I decided to play with a few editing tools to make the photos have some character.  Sometimes you find that a “regular ‘ole photo” can take on a completely different effect once you add just a bit of snap to it.  A lot of my edits were just quick and simple using the Picasa Editor.  Trust me, there are times you just want some quick fixes!

So let’s take a tour…

The farm bike is always ready to make a run into the fields or out to the greenhouses… I used a sketching filter on this photo and then added back some color.


The animals were just plain fun to photograph and the children were everywhere playing with the animals.

One goat

There is nothing better than little babies…


The rolling gypsy wagon chicken coop enhanced a corner of one field with the chickens doing a great job of pecking and fertilizing

Chicken Wagon

Chicken Wagon

And they were being watched by a very fine “Strutting Dude”…

Strutting Dude

Strutting Dude

Horses were everywhere for the kids to ride and learn to groom. They made for some fun shots.  I played with more edits to make the grooming area pop with a sprinkling of color.


And a child’s wonder came to life trying to get brave enough to groom and then ride!

Cale and Horse

As the day came to a close, the peace of this beautiful spot reminded me that passing time walking with a camera is a great way to clear your head, get exercise, and recharge for the next week of this fast paced world we all live in!

End of the day

End of the day

We hope you find a fun and interesting spot to walk…we are moving on down the road!

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