Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign…

I decided to take a different approach to CameraWalking this past weekend and took a look at the “man-made”  landscape we all live with.  My observations reminded me of the lyrics to “Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign” originally recorded in 1972  by the Five Man Electrical Band.

sign type

We are inundated by messages, some being very important…

stop neon

And some being cluttered and annoying. Do you really need 3 in one place?

Three For One!

Three For One!

The dancing signs on the street corners are popping up everywhere.  I keep wondering if they really attract customers or are just there to annoy drivers and walkers with their twists,  turns,  and jumps.

Dancing to the Music

Dancing to the Music

Every day, signs go out along the buffers between sidewalks and streets.  I decided to just snap a sampling along my walk in the local commercial area. Do they really draw people in?

What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?

I love creative attractive business signs… They can truly give you a taste of what’s inside and welcome you in.

How To Find Delicious!

How To Find Delicious!

Or add real character to a community or a fun place!

Larry The Lobster?

Larry The Lobster?

Signs can help you find a one-time local event that guides people to a day of gathering treasures. Please take them down when the event is over!!

garage sale

And, think about the incredible number of direction signs we all filter through on a daily basis!


Watch out,  you may decide to run far away to escape all the messaging! No matter where you run, signs are everywhere.

Sanae, our Japanese Blogger

Sanae, Our Japanese Blogger

Thank heavens our world also embraces the beauty of nature… A long way from the signs of everyday life. Enjoy a walk on the wildlife and find an escape from all the daily input our minds must filter.  You can find an amazing resources to beautiful walks that you can take to clear your head and give you energy to face the stress of urban living! TrailLink by Rails-To-Trails Conservancy is a great tool and covers the entire US with lists of super walking paths.

Have fun and enjoy escaping signs… If only for an hour or two!


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