Health and Fitness Focused

Finding a good balance of diet and exercise is one of those great challenges so many of us face.

Sun Kissed Leaf

Sun Kissed Leaf

Two years ago, CameraWalking was created out of Carol’s experience of following the  Weight Watchers program and taking a daily walk to help her lose 50 pounds.  She also found her creative passion by taking her camera along on those daily walks.


Technology has done so much for photography over the past 10 years: digital cameras, photo editing software, apps for smart phones, photo printers and scanners…the list goes on and on!  All these changes have opened a new world to everyone who loves recording life as it happens!

HP 8600 all in one crop

Technology also has made huge strides in assisting us with achieving health and fitness goals.  In just the last 3 years, the mix of exercise and healthy eating has become a huge part of the online world! Between fitness trackers, online food diaries, and incredible recipe sites, you can set-up a full health program on your phone, your tablet, or your computer. You can sync your exercise equipment to your fitness app; you can record every bit of food you eat and liquid you drink with 2 or 3 clicks; and you can check your heart rate and the steps you take (or not!) by simply placing a tracker on your wrist or on your clothing.

Feet & Shadow

Both Carol and I have Fitbits and we really love them for all the information they impart. I have found that the Fitbit works very well with the Weight Watchers online program.  With a few minutes of set-up time, you can automatically sync your walking efforts with the Weight Watchers Point Plus system.  I know I need to build-up my walking and I need to focus on weight loss to help my knee fully recover.  This combination is truly one I recommend!

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit, along with the other trackers on the market, does a good job of tracking movement. Fitbit also has excellent software that is free and allows you to track your food calories and your liquid intake. Essentially, this accomplishes a similar movement and food tracking ability that you have with the Weight Watchers / Fitbit combination without having to join a program.

Map My Walk

Map My Walk

There are programs that track you via GPS so you can map your walk.  We really like Map My Walk and Endomondo. There are hundreds of amazing web sites that give you lots of healthy recipes and break down the ingredients for healthy eating…getting you through meals that are both tasty and low in calories.  There are even programs that will encourage you on a diet program by showing you what you will look like after losing 40 pounds! Do a search on Google and see if you find an app you like.

Which Way To Go?

Which Way To Go?

The wonder of technology can be helpful and even fun!  You can join groups online to encourage weight loss and movement…an opportunity to be social and get on to better health. You can join Meetup groups that help you find friends to share your journey with. We have a great CameraWalking Meetup in the Seattle area that focuses on photography and fitness…check us out!

Join Our Meetup

Join Our Meetup

And, all the time you are tracking and walking and creating good food, take your camera along to create beautiful pictures!

See you out walking with your camera!


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1 Response to Health and Fitness Focused

  1. krsweet69 says:

    What a great Idea. I just bought a new Nikon and am trying to get back into another shape other than round. I am going to look for a walk photo group here on Oahu or heck, I may start my own. Thanks for the great pictures and fantastic weightless tip.

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