Every Moment Creates History and Looks To The Future

One moment in time

Carol did an amazing job of truly creating that “moment in time”  with this stunning photograph!

We received a great message from one of our CameraWalker followers and really wanted to continue a focus on photographing a moment in time that will keep you moving forward.

” … an inspiring piece.  Reminds me of something I read recently related to the importance of being present in the moment.  The future is made up of thousands of current moments.  Thanks for being present and using each moment to create a future.”  …A thought shared by Sonia Ghayem

Peaceful Child by Alec Burkheimer

Peaceful Child by Alec Burkheimer

When we take pictures of children, we do capture a moment that will pass so fast, the child will grow, and we will have a memory to look back upon. And you are seeing the future, as it moves along.


Running Forward by Alec Burkheimer

When you are out walking and you catch a shot of nature at its best…or at its worst…you are truly capturing a view of the world for all to see. What happens next will be seen through someone else’s eyes…and will be in the future.

Out the window

No matter where you are, pictures will record a story of an experience to be remembered!

If you get out for a walk and take your camera, you will be recording history…and you can capture a moment of loveliness…


Or a quick shot of a special little critter before he moves on!

Caught for a moment!

Caught for a moment!

CameraWalking gives you a great opportunity to get excited everyday…and record the future as it happens!


So grab your camera…head out for a walk… and look to the future by catching the moment!

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