Old Photographs Really Do Tell Wonderful Stories

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This is a great time of the year to go through old photos and do some serious scanning. With the rain, wind and, yes, for some, snow, taking time to look through old pictures is a perfect winter activity.



We have talked about sorting and organizing, but what about just taking time to reflect on photos that you might have taken…or someone in your family has passed on to you…or even some special historical clips you have saved.

Seventy Years Ago?

Seventy Years Ago?

The best way to preserve family history is to change these treasures into digital format and organize them into historical file.


Only 20 years ago, it was so common to take your film into a photo shop to get it processed and made into slides or negatives and prints.  Photography has truly come such a long way and memories are so easy to keep in photos and video now.  The progress in technology has truly moved us into an amazing era of instant memories and the ability to share!

For The Love of Cats

For The Love of Cats

To complete your family history, take the time to scan the old photos, label them, and put them into files.  So many inkjet printers have a good scanner included in their “all-in- one” features and you can generally lay-up 2-3 snapshot- style photos to get through a group of photos quickly.


Be sure to save them to a high enough resolution so you can use them in producing books or for future slide shows.  If you have larger family photos that won’t fir on your scanner, you can take the prints to Kinkos, along with a USB stick to save them to, and they will scan them for you.  They do a great job and the cost is very low.

Skiing Memories

Skiing Memories

One of the things I love to do is create videos of the many scanned photos…and then produce a book with the same photos to give to friends or family.  None of this would be possible without the work to scan, crop and fix old photos.

Such Class!

Such Class!

Sometimes, it is hard to get motivated to move forward on a winter project, but looking back on wonderful memories is a very heartwarming thing to do on a cold, rainy day!  I hope you will take these thoughts about building memories to heart as you try to remember the amazing times you have had in life. Sometimes the memories we record with our cameras and phones can disappear into digital overload.  Scanning old memories can give a heart to the history we each have.

MMP leaning on skis

Have fun with your memories and your history!


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