A Story to Inspire

The holiday season is here!  Family gatherings, holiday parties, and all of those goodies at the office can tempt us, making it even more important to go walking.  And yet at this time of year, walking outside can be a challenge.  The sun comes up later and goes down earlier, and in many places the weather is terrible.  So, if you are like many, our motivation lags resulting in fewer daily walks.

Crisp Morning Walk

Crisp Morning Walk

To inspire you to keep up your healthy, daily walking routines, we decided to share a few ideas.  We know that walking outdoors, especially in green spaces, improves immune functioning, mental and emotional health, and most importantly, it is more enjoyable.  Your stress goes down, you can experience the beauty of the outdoors and capture them in your photos.

Awash in Colors

Awash in Colors

As we were pondering more ideas to inspire you to go Camera Walking, we received this message from one of our Facebook followers, which is more inspiring than any study we could share with you.  She gave us permission to tell her story, so here it is:

“I spent two contracts in the Army, a total of 7.5 years. I had some rough times and some not so rough. When I got out I now have a few medical problems: my back, hips, knees, ankles, and plantar fasciitis in my feet. The amount of pain that I have on a daily basis is frustrating, and keeps me from being motivated to get out and exercise, so I have gained weight. Unfortunately my doctor won’t investigate the pain further until I lose weight, as they feel the weight is the cause of the pain.

I have discovered that when I am out with my camera, not only do I forget and ignore the pain, but my stress levels go way down. I tell people that photography is my therapeutic passion. I try to push my friends into finding a creative outlet that fits them in hopes that they can feel the same therapeutic effects.

Thank you for spreading a similar message!”




We hope that when you think that you do not have it in you to go outside for a walk, you will look back at the posts we have written for ideas, and remember J’s story to inspire you to go out Camera Walking.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

We would love to hear your stories, so please send them to us by commenting below, posting our Facebook page, or sending us an email at getmoving@camerawalking.com.




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