Turn Your Walks Into Gifts… REVISITED!

We want to encourage you to use your photos to make wonderful and memorable gifts for your family and friends, so we are REVISITING our gift post from last year.  We hope this will “get you moving” to take those special and fun photos you have taken while out CameraWalking and share them in a myriad of different ways! Enjoy!

Every day you go Camera Walking, you are creating potential for beautiful and meaningful gifts.  Whether it is close to the holidays or your best friend has a birthday around the corner, or grandma wants a special picture….your walks give you great opportunities to create amazing gifts.

There a so many sites that allow you to send your photos off to make a book, create a coffee cup, do framed canvas prints, make photo cards, create wine bottle labels, playing cards, or puzzles. You can even create a blanket with a special photo on it! You have so many ways to share your walks, some you have never thought of!

We love Blurb.  This site allows you to make incredible books that are truly works of art. They are worthy of placing on your coffee table to share a collection of photos in a beautiful and meaningful way.  Carol has created lovely books of collections of her talents behind a camera. They are true works of art. We really recommend you try this site.

Creative Books

Creative Books

You can transform your walks into a reflection of daily life. You can create a magical expose of the seasons. You can create an amazing gift of your newly found photographic talent. And you can create a reflective book of the incredible trip you took to a far corner of the world or a place close to home.

There are so many sites that open doors to creating gifts from your daily walks.  Simply Google “photo gifts” and you can start imagining the gifts you can create.  They can be sophisticated, whimsical, subdued, or colorful. The creation factor is up to you! Also, both Windows and Mac computers have software built into their systems for creative options with your photos.  There are so many opportunities to play with photos.

Some of the sites we have tried are  Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Pinhole Press.  They all offer many options and each site has some unique gift ideas.  Just start browsing and let your imagination go! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Coffee cups with photos have become so popular and all these sites offer various opportunities…and discounts!… You can give every family member their own special cup for their morning coffee. Trust me, they will love it. Try picking a theme for a series of special mugs from your collection of photos and create a set of four. Or make the cup an “annual edition”.
Coffee Cups as gifts

Coffee Cups As Gifts

  • You can create inspirational calendars to remind your friends to get out for a daily walk. Your photos will remind them that they too can become a Camera Walker and carry on the tradition you have started.
  • Why not take your photos to the next level with a bit of post-production and create some lovely decor that reflects your talents with your camera.
A Photo as a Shadow Box

A Photo as a Shadow Box

A Best Friend on Canvas

A Best Friend on Canvas

Really, taking your photos is just the beginning to unlocking your creativity. So, head out Camera Walking to take your daily walk with your camera to achieve better health, fitness, and creativity.

We would love to hear from you about the gifts you have made with your CameraWalking adventures. Be sure to send your comments and attach a photo of your creation.  We will share your ideas on both our Website and Facebook.

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