Wind and Rain Means Fall!

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

The leaves are beautiful right now and deserve attention to their colors, textures, and their character. It is so hard to get motivated to get out and walk when the rain is driving hard and you have to gear up to “get out” on this seasonal adventure.

Driving Rain By Night

Driving Rain By Night

Water on the sidewalks, along the roadways, and dripping off trees is really fun to photograph. Even spider webs take on a special beauty on a stormy night.

Weaving in the Rain

Weaving in the Rain

You can try to capture the joy of a child splashing in the puddles and playing in the muck caused by this weather we all hide from. Rain and fall sports are meant to be together…there is something invigorating about cheering for your soccer player as they splash their way around the field…

Joys of Fall

Joys of Soccer

Or the wild football game that goes on in spite of the torrential weather.

Wild Weather!

Heading to the Game!

Don’t hide from this time to be outside…just dress in waterproof clothing, good shoes that keep your feet dry… and protect your camera as you dodge the rain squalls, the moments of sun breaking through, and the crazy swirling winds.

Boots For Walking

Boots For Walking

Trust me, this time of year can really be a time to embrace the weather.  Then you can  follow your adventures when you come inside…turn on your favorite music and relax while “playing with your photos”…crop, edit, brighten, frame, filter.

Barely Holding On!

Barely Holding On!

Have fun inside and out…a time to be creative.

We would love to have you go to our Facebook page and post some of your fall pictures. Just go to and share some of your adventures!

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