Tips to Boost Your Walks

Lately we have been writing quite a bit about photography, which is fun, but it is only half of Camera Walking.  Although we have often written about the benefits of walking, we thought it was time to share a few tips on how to get more out of your walk.

Walk in the morning: Most people get mentally fatigued in the afternoon or evening, so aim for a walk before you start your day.  If a morning walk isn’t feasible, walk during your lunch hour. You will not only get your exercise, you will clear your head, and be more creative when you return to work.

Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom

Log your miles: Men and women, according to studies, walk 15% more per day when they wear a pedometer or tracker.  In fact, it turns out that they were more motivated to set higher goals. Wearing my Fitbit has proven to be one of my best tools to get me moving more.

Yeah! A Milestone!

Yeah! A Milestone!

Check your shoes: Make sure that your shoes are in good shape. Generally we should replace our shoes every 500 miles.  Investing in a good walking shoe, as opposed to a running shoe, will provide more support because your foot rolls from heel to toe more slowly than when you run. 


Head for the hills: Walking up a hill increases your body toning, cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn.  Also, walking on a rough, but level trail requires 50% more energy, so add hills and trails to your walking routes.

Head for the Hills

Head for the Hills

Change up your routine:  To stay motivated, find ways to make your walks more interesting.  You can change-up your walks by using a different lens, experimenting, choosing a theme, as well as exploring other places to walk.  The American Heart Association has an excellent online resource to help you find walking paths, as does TrailLink.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park

Make your walk enjoyable:  People who enjoy their walk feel more energized and are more likely to make walking a lifelong habit.  Exploring parks, your neighborhood, while looking for interesting photo opportunities, will turn your walk into an enjoyable experience.  Remember that in between the stops you make to take photos, walk briskly to get the full advantage of your walk.

Let us know what other tips work for you to boost your walks by commenting below, posting on our Facebook page, or sending us an email at We would love to hear from you!



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