Celebrate World Photography Day!

Tuesday, August 19th is World Photography Day! Although I wrote about this last year, I decided it deserved another post to remind everyone to get out and celebrate 175 years of photography.

World Photo Day was launched in 2009 to unite the global community of photographers around an important anniversary – the first permanent photographic process patented and freely released to the world on August 19th, 1839.

Your walk to “make a photo” probably won’t be as extreme as the one in the video, but going out Camera Walking and sharing your photos with the world is a great way to honor the day.  From August 19-26 World Photo Day will open its online gallery for all of us to submit our photos. It is easy. You only need to register and submit!

Boat Reflections

Boat Reflections

Another way to celebrate is to give a gift of one of your photos.  Regardless if you use a smartphone or a sophisticated DSLR, there are many fun ways to create gifts out of your photos. One new resource is Sworl, a Northwest-based company, that makes beautifully framed photos right from your smartphone.  I took this iPhone photo of the beach by a friend’s home and made into a very nice framed print. Try it, you will be pleased I am sure.



Increase your skills by taking a class or reading a book about photography.  Kelbyone.com and Lynda.com are excellent online training resources.  CreativeLive, a Seattle-based company, has a huge catalog of courses that you can buy or watch free while it is being streamed live. Your local camera store, community college, and nonprofit organizations that focus on photography are also good options.

A even better idea is to donate to a nonprofit that focuses on photography. One I support is Youth in Focus, a 20 year old nonprofit that puts cameras in the hands of urban youth, and through photography empowers them to experience their world in new ways and to make positive choices for their lives.

Finally, ask yourself what photography means to you.  I had never really thought about this until I participated in my first Rick Sammon workshop. He asked the question of each of us. Everyone had something different to say, such as capturing a moment, an emotion, a memory, beauty, and much more. When it came time for me to answer, I said, “all of the above, and freedom.” That surprised some, so I went on to explain that photography gives me the freedom to explore the beauty I see in the world, and let the artist in me emerge.



So on this important anniversary, tell us what photography means to you by commenting below, posting on our Facebook page, or sending us an email at getmoving@camerawalking.com.  We would love hear from you!

Happy World Photography Day!

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