Go Camping, Go Boating…Go Walking!

One of the greatest things about summer, is the wonderful adventures you can have while enjoying life outside your home!

Camping World!

Camping World!

CameraWalking really focuses on getting outside to get exercise every day…and take your camera. During the summer, it is so easy to find all sorts of new adventures to combine with walking while you are out camping, going on a boat to a “far away deserted island” or a lovely marina, or just exploring your town by walking and snapping pictures.



Around the Pacific Northwest, we have so many amazing places to see and do when the sun is out!


Here are a few suggestions that might motivate you to combine health, fitness, and creativity…just make sure you have your camera with you every step of the way!

State Parks are great places to explore, whether you go for a day or a weekend. Many states and the National Park Service have great passes you can purchase that allow you to visit their parks throughout the year. We discovered that About.com has a great list of all the State park links for all 50 states. Here in Washington State, we love to support our parks and have Discover Passes. Because government budgets are very strained these days, people who drive into our state parks and state-managed lands, need to pay a fee. The Discover Pass is convenient and gives your vehicle access to over 100 amazing parks in our state.



There are so many well marked and maintained walking trails in parks, along with great recreation areas and fantastic opportunities to do overnight camping. We recently visited a group of families that spent the Memorial day weekend camping at Ike Kinswa State Park on Mayfield Lake in Southwest Washington. We had a great time joining them to explore the area on foot and were amazed how far we went that day, just wandering around the trails.


Setting Up the Campfire

With our FitBits, we were able to keep track of our steps. Without even noticing, we each racked up over 25,000 steps…and we got some fun photos! If you haven’t purchased a FitBit yet, you should really consider getting one.  Amazon has the on sale right now and they are great motivators to get out and walk!! Just click on FitBit and it will take you right to Amazon to order one!

Fun photo

Boating is another wonderful summer activity in the Pacific Northwest. We have so many marinas, marine parks, lakeside facilities and rivers to explore by boat.

Sail Away

Sail Away

Each “cruise” you go on gets you to wonderful spots to go ashore and take fantastic walks. Whether you are in a canoe, a run-about, a sailboat or a powerboat, exploration ashore is part of a successful boating adventure. Washington State has an excellent Boating site that gives you all sorts of great information and lists all the wonderful facilities for boaters at the State Parks.



We want to help you find the may spots that are worth exploring.  No matter where you are, if you Google “walking in ‘your city’ “, you will be amazed to see what comes up!  There is a fantastic site that serves all 50 states with walking trails. We hope you check it out!


We have started a Meetup group for CameraWalking and are excited to get moving on planned CameraWalking events.  Be sure to join our group to get notices “of the places we will go and the world we will see”!

Sunset close

Lace up those shoes, grab your camera and head out!  The Summer Solstice is around the corner. This is such a great time of year to go walking.

We would love to hear from you about fun areas you have found to go CameraWalking. Just send us a note in the comments below, or you can send us a message with photos at getmoving@camerawalking.com

Have a great walk today!

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