Walking With A Purpose

Walking and Fundraising

I know CameraWalking is focused on walking with your camera, but there are many times when walking takes on so many purposes that a camera becomes secondary, yet very valuable. Our main theme we always follow is walking for health and fitness.

Relay For Life is a Wonderful Purpose to Walk!

Relay For Life is a Wonderful Purpose to Walk!

Spring is here and with it are so many walks to raise money for great causes.  These amazing programs will continue on through mid October, so you can find a cause and support it in your community. One of the events we supported last year, and continue to support is Relay For Life in Tacoma, Washington. This year it will be held on June 13-15, 2014.  We put in a specific link if you want to support the Helping Hands Team.  We have watched their devoted and incredibly strong support for many years! There are so many Relays going on all over the country, so you should be able to find one in your local area.  This event is a great way to put your heart and feet in to helping the fight against cancer and it is a great way to get out and walk with others.  Click on the link we have provided above and you can join or donate to in Relay in Tacoma this year!

Even Kids love to walk for a cause!

Even Kids love to walk for a cause!

There are so many amazing programs.  We have put links below that will get you to the organizer pages.  Once you are on their site, you can locate a local event.  We would love to hear about an event you are supporting. It would be great to connect other Camera Walkers to your event! This is a great way to meet people that love the same things! By the way, if you have your cell phone with you, take a few pictures of the event you are supporting and send those to us at getmoving@camerwalking.com . We love to share!

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Charity: Avon Foundation

Breast Cancer 3-Day
Charity: Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Relay For Life
Charity: American Cancer Society (ACS)

Walk to Cure Diabetes
Charity: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF)

Step Out
Charity: American Diabetes Association

Walk Like MADD
Charity: Mothers Against Drunk Driving


Start! Heart Walk
Charity: American Heart Association

Autism Speaks’ Walk Now for Autism
Charity: Autism Speaks

March for Babies
Charity: March of Dimes Foundation

Walking Your Furry Friend

Yes, here is a great way to walk with a purpose and always have a pal with you! Dogs need exercise and they need to “do their business”, so you, as a dog owner, really has a purpose to walk everyday! There is nothing more rewarding than clipping a dog to a leash and heading out to share a walk.  I honestly believe this is a wonderful time to get exercise, clear your head, and really give your pup some quality time with you! Take a look at this great article about “walking your dog”…. And, if you have your cell phone with you, how about sending us a “selfie” of you and your furry friend.

A treasured friend can keep you walking!

A treasured friend can keep you walking!

Children Love To Go For Walks!

What better purpose for a walk than to take your little one out for a fun adventure along a special pathway.  You may have to slow down your pace, but the joy you share together will really do your heart good. There are so many benefits to walking with kids.  You can your walk with a purpose: a visit to a wonderful Zoo or big Park in your community; a walk to a local pool for a free swim; a walk with an ice cream cone along the way; or just a walk to see the trees, flowers, and some bugs!

Let's walk to get ice cream!

Let’s walk to get ice cream!

Think about getting some moms or dads together to start “walking dates”. You can take turns figuring out a theme or adventure for your crew….they will really get excited about their walks! And don’t worry about the weather! Changes in the weather teach life skills about flexibility and adaptability. And, walking with kids will offer you lots of good shots with your camera, so be sure to take it, or your cell phone, along! There are two great series about walking with kids:  City Walks With Kids New York (and several other cities!) and Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington (and many other areas all over the US!).

Book cover

Focus On Landscaping Ideas

When you are ready to rip up your yard and make major changes, or you just need some ideas to make it more colorful…. go take a walk around a well landscaped neighborhood!  What a great purpose for a walk! And, as we have said before, taking pictures of gardening ideas can really help you implement well designed plans. If I see a shrub or a planting group I like, I take the pictures off to the local nursery and ask them to identify the plants.  Also, I try to note the conditions by taking photos that will give me light angles, etc, so I can make sure I am identifying plants for the specific conditions in my yard. This approach can help you avoid mistakes like choosing sunny plants and placing them in shade!

So much beauty!

So much beauty!

Friendships Will Blossom!

What better way to build lifelong friendships than by walking together and chatting. Taking time out to share an hour with a group of friends will do more for your health and your soul than most anything else! If you can fit in a weekly walk with 1, 2, or 3 friends and put the walks on your calendar, you are more likely to get out and do them. You can reserve specific time just for you to walk, but it is too easy to let something get in the way of that walk.  When you set a walking date with a friend, you will be far less likely to cancel on them!


Beach Walking with Camera Walker Sanae

Beach Walking with Camera Walker Sanae

This is also a great way to cultivate new Camera Walkers. If you take your camera along and take some cool pictures to share, the next time you go out, you can encourage your friends to bring their cameras..  Suddenly, you could start a CameraWalking group that would like to join this fun movement of “…taking a daily walk with a camera for better health, fitness, and creativity.”

Walk On

Walk On … Photo by Camera Walker Sanae

“If you seek creative ideas, go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk”  Raymond I. Meyers


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