Remember Ideas, Plants, and Places

When you head out for a walk, you never know what you might see that will give you some inspiration.  One of the greatest things to do in the spring is wander through lovely neighborhoods and gather ideas for your own yard.


I have seen this plant several times but could never figure out how to describe it and I had now idea what it was.  I took the picture off to our amazing nursery in Olympia, Bark and Garden Center. They helped me find the perfect Asparagus Fern for my yard. And, with their excellent advice, I have now placed it in just the right spot.  This nursery covers many acres and is beautiful.  If you come to Olympia to go CameraWalking, a side trip to Bark and Garden is definitely worth it!


Creating a lovely peaceful spot in your yard takes lots of thought and visualization.  Taking pictures of water features you see is a great way to really focus on what you like and refer to it as you go home to plan your project.

IMG_5966 edited

There are many times you come across crafty ideas that you think would be easy to make. Go ahead, snap a picture, and take it back to your project room.  This little bench is so simple and very comfortable.  Just looking at the picture can help you come up with dimensions and the materials you will need to make this project happen.  This would be so much fun to make as a group and paint them all sorts of bright colors.  They are just the right size for two small children or one grandmother!

IMG_4859 edited

I happened upon a garden party on one of my walks and saw this amazing bouquet.  I absolutely had to take a picture of it so I could try my hand at duplicating it.  It is just spectacular!  Once again, with my picture, I can go to my garden center or florist an find out what flowers were used to make this beauty.


Sometimes you want to remember where you have been without writing it down.  I love to take pictures of plaques, road signs, and maps that refresh my memory when I come back to edit my photos. The Blue Star Memorial By-Way is at Priest Point Park in Olympia and a lovely spot to visit in the spring and summer.  Signs are such a help and remind of places you may want to go to again. Even better, if you decide to make a book of a photo collection, having a monument, map, or street sign can add character and information to your wonderful collection.  We love to use Blurb to make lovely books.

IMG_6356 edited

And, when you are all through walking at the end of the day, wouldn’t it be great to relax in a wonderful Jacuzzi tub.  I keep dreaming of having one, but our space for one is very specific.  I was touring a house one day and came across the perfect tub for our space.  I snapped a picture to remember it and took a second photo to identify the brand.  It is so much fun to show someone a photo of something you want…it makes it far closer to becoming a reality!


As you go out CameraWalking, spend some time photographing ideas for YOUR landscaping, for YOUR craft projects, and for YOUR comfort.  It really is fun to do and will really put purpose into your steps!

IMG_2418 edit








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