A Smart Camera is fun to own!


I took a leap out of my usual camera equipment and have added to a new “smart camera” that catches great shots, inside and out. And Samsung has won me over! After reading a great deal about the super telephoto smart cameras, I decided to join the movement and get a Samsung WB 350F with a 21 x optical zoom and Wi-Fi.  This is a fun camera to keep with you so you won’t miss a single shot.


Samsung WB350F Smart Camera

I like this camera for several reasons. It is full of great features. You can view the full list of features at the Samsung site.

It fits my hands comfortably. It is not too small, so I can keep it very steady when I am shooting close-up or zoomed out.  It is so much fun to catch that perfect moment!

A very tired puppy!

A very tired puppy!

The camera has a retractable lens that closes automatically, so there is no lens cap to hassle with or lose!

After setting the wireless up, the pictures I take can go directly to my smart phone or be  shared to social media via Wi-Fi. I don’t have to wait to get to a computer to download!

Package Speak

Package Speak

The pictures are terrific, even in “Auto Mode”…and the camera is ready for the next shot so fast!

The ZOOM is awesome!  I can sneak pictures and video from a long way away and they look like I am right there!  Here are shots I took looking across the White River at a distant water fall, frozen in free-fall.

A super  waterfall zoom

A super waterfall zoom

Speaking of video, this camera is a powerhouse for taking video.  I could not see the water falling under the ice until I did the zoomed-in video. Here is a short clip of the water flowing under the ice. Pretty amazing!

I just played with a shot looking across the bay to the community on the other side.  The distant shot really shows nothing. By using the optical zoom, I captured a clear picture of the wonderful houses with the red roofs!

Red Roofs in the Distance

Red Roofs in the Distance

This is truly a camera with incredible power and options to capture the world around you…close up or far away…and everything in-between!  Technology just keeps us moving forward to capture our world, to enable us to edit for every imaginable presentation of a single photo, and open the world of photography to everyone!

Resident Eagle

Resident Eagle

I will always love, cherish, and use my Canon DSLR.  Don’t get me wrong!  But there are times that a good smart camera can serve you very well.  Trust me, there is lots to learn about the Samsung WB350F

I have only scratched the surface.  There is a 172 page manual that teaches all the ins and outs.  That is a little scary!  As I learn more, I will share some of the fun features on our CameraWalking Facebook page.

Ice Fall

Ice Fall

If you have been thinking about getting a Smart Camera, this one is truly a winner and is priced very competitively.  Join me in fun and exploration with this all this technology put into a small camera.  We would love to have you post your photos on our Facebook page.

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