Yes Walking Works!

This is what I saw when I took my Real Simple magazine out of my mail box the other day.


Yes, we knew that we are on the right track. The article echoed some of the posts that we have written about the health benefits of walking,  advice on gear and clothing, as well as ideas on different types of walks to take.

One gem in the article was a link to “walking on the web.” Using Walk Score’s rankings of the 10 most walkable cities in the U.S., Real Simple’s fitness pros highlight two walks, with maps, for each city. We also did a post on how walkable is your city. Take a look. If you live or travel to any one of these cities, this is a great resource. You can listen to their exclusive Spotify playlists for each city to keep you going. Of course it will be far more interesting if you take your camera and snap shots along the way.

Neighborhood Walk

Neighborhood Walk

In case you don’t want to run out and buy an issue, here are the ten most walkable cities in the U.S.: New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seattle (Yeah!), Oakland, and Baltimore.

I was particularly interested in their suggestions for Seattle, so I clicked through and they chose two of my favorites: the Seattle Waterfront and Gasworks Park.

Seattle Water Front

Seattle Waterfront

Both are great places for walking and for taking photos. The Seattle waterfront and the Sculpture Park are camera ready.

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park

Myrtle Edwards Park flows along the waterfront connecting to two other parks giving you options for how long you want to walk.

Myrtle Edwards Park

Myrtle Edwards Park

Gasworks Park is on the north end of Lake Union and gives some spectacular views of downtown Seattle.

Seattle from Gasworks Park

Seattle from Gasworks Park

As well as terrific photo shots of the houseboats that line Lake Union. In fact Seattle’s houseboat population is the largest east of the Orient, according to See Seattle Firsts.

Houseboats on Lake Union

Houseboats on Lake Union

Regardless of where you live, grab your camera and join the growing number of people who love walking. The great photos you capture along the way are an added benefit. Take a look at our website, and share your ideas on walks by commenting here, posting on our Facebook page, or sending us an email at . We would love to hear from you!

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