So Many Photos…So Little Time!

Opening photo

Winter memory

Digital photography is wonderful, but you can bury yourself in millions of picture files very quickly!

In the old days, I kept incredible stacks of prints in boxes that took over the whole house. I was good about labeling the envelopes in the boxes, so I had some reference of who, when, and where; but, details were definitely lacking. The worst part is I still have boxes and boxes of photos and haven’t looked at them in years.

Stacks and stacks and stacks!

Stacks and stacks and stacks!

Like most families, I also have many stacks and files filled with my parents slides that truly hold many family memories that none of want to lose.


Old memories

Your computer can come to your aid if you can devote some time to scanning. Check out this nifty negative and slide scanner.

Wolverine scanner

Wolverine 20mp digital converter

Or use your printer/scanner to lay-up 4 photos per scan, labeling the group with a consistent name.  You will be surprised how fast you can get through an envelope of 24 or 36 prints!

HP 8600 all in one crop

HP 8600 all-in-one

While this takes a great deal of time to decide what to keep and what to toss, if you set your mind to it, it is an amazing march through your history!

I would be remiss in not mentioning services that will convert your slides and photos to digital images.  There are many of those out there. From personal experience, Costco Photo does a good job of digitizing photos, slides and videos.  However, you still need to sort through the originals before you drop them off and the cost of doing boxes and boxes gets fairly substantial.

A scan of a 1950s slide

A scan of a 1950s slide

How about organizing the thousands of frames?

I have tried several digital photo organizers and have found some that really make some sense and are easy to use. While many photographers really like Adobe Lightroom, it can be more than you need if simple is what you are looking for. You might want to try Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 or 12.  This slimmed down software boasts a really good organizing platform along with a very good editor for a very nominal price.

There are lots of Apps that help you sort and label your photos, along with sites like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.  One particular freebee that I like is Picasa.  It is  a great  photo program that allows for sorting and simple editing.   It will go out and find every photo you have on your computer, even if it is not in your “Pictures” folder. Many people love using online tools to save their photos so they are always “backed-up” on the cloud.  For Apple users, iPhoto is a very easy-to use organizer and comes with your apple computer.  You can move on to Aperture which uses the iPhoto filing system and gives you more sophisticated editing capabilities. It has great power and will help you find most anything. To learn more about some editing tools, be sure to go back to our previous blog: Turn Good Photos into Great Ones

There is lots of help out there!  I have just given you a “Lite-look”!  Go to Google and put in “Photo Organizer”  and you fill find lots of solutions.  No matter what, take some time to get organized!  The pictures do you no good just hiding out on a card, a disk, or a computer hard drive.  They are meant to be shared….and they really are the story of your life!!!!

Get out and move!  Take lots of pictures! Have fun!  Share your world with others!

Sanae's wonderful memory of the ocean

Sanae’s wonderful memory of the ocean

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