Celebrating 2013 and Welcoming 2014!

As 2013 comes to a close it is tempting to think about what resolutions we need to make in the New Year, which are important, but we would like to take a moment and reflect upon this past year.

We launched CameraWalking in June and have been grateful for the response we have received from around the nation and world!

Camera Walking in Japan

Camera Walking in Japan

We shared one story from Japan earlier this year, and recently we received this message from Russia on our sixth month anniversary.

“Dear Carol and Michelle, I congratulate both of you on your victory! CameraWalking is a wonderful, optimistic website, which has gained a lot of friends around the world. I also went on a journey with the camera and I hope that soon I can show on your site my photos. Bon voyage CameraWalking!”

Valentina Likhoyda, Vladivostok

It is so gratifying to see people talking about “Camera Walking” when posting photos on Facebook,  and just the other day one of our followers stopped Carol while she was out walking and asked if she was “Camera Walking.” That made her day!

Flying High!

Flying High!

Most importantly people are discovering that they don’t need fancy, expensive cameras to achieve better health, fitness and creativity. Our first post brought to light that the best camera is the one you have.

“CameraWalking has reminded me that the best camera to use is the one you carry, and that’s my BlackBerry. Now I take photos everywhere I go. I post to Facebook, Twitter, and send to friends and family. These are now my memory books.”

Gael Tarleton, Seattle

Best Cameras

Best Camera is the One You Have!

After writing about  walking, health, photography, gear, strategies to keep motivated, and much more over the last six months, we decided to do a survey to get your feedback so we can grow CameraWalking.  We waited eagerly for your comments and the results are in! Although we are still analyzing the data, there were several things that stood out that we wanted to share.

First, you like photography. You love seeing the photos and would like to learn more about the equipment and editing tools that we used. Will do!

Sheep Traffic Jam

Sheep Traffic Jam, Taken with a Canon 60D with 24-105 lens, edited with Niks Software

Second, you like sharing the walking experience with friends, sharing photos and would like more ideas on how to do that. Some of you asked for a way to exhibit or see the photos from a CameraWalking expedition either on our site or Flickr page. We will be on this soon!

Afternoon Walk

Afternoon Walk with Friends

Third, you like to learn and find new resources that could help with your walks and photography. Got it – more to come!

Fourth, although many of you are regular walkers, more than half would be interested in organized CameraWalking photo walks. Yeah!

Photo Walks

Photo Walks

All of your comments are helpful to us, so thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey. Look for more from us as we move into 2014! By the way, we offered a free 8 x 10 canvas print of any of one of Michelle’s or Carol’s photos to the winner of our response survey drawing. And the winner is (drum beat) Patti Wilma! Congratulations Patti, we will be in touch soon!

Thank You!


Finally, as we approach 2014, most of us think about setting goals about what we want to do differently in the New Year.   If you plan on making changes, remember that long-term healthy lifestyles mean committing to healthy habits.  A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that the more specific the resolution (“I’m going to walk daily”) versus ones that are general (I would like to walk more often.”) wins out. After six months, 40 percent of the people whose goals were specific were successful in changing their habits. For more ideas take another look at one of our earlier posts; it might be what you are looking for to get started.

Michelle and I want to thank you for a great 2013 CameraWalking year,  and wish you and your families a Happy New Years! See you in 2014!

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