Take Time To Breathe

With all the crazy activities, shopping, meal planning, baking, gift making, excitement of children, and the constant holiday adds coming at you….there just seems to be no time to get out and take a walk!  What happened to that wonderful time you have been taking for just you, with your camera, and the joy of a walk?  It just vanishes into the insanity of the season!

Seattle's Traditional Christmas Star

Seattle’s Traditional Christmas Star

Here are some ideas to take some time for YOU:

You can change up your walking area by fitting in a short walk around the area where you shop for groceries. You might even find some fun things to photograph with your smart phone!

Just a touch of snow

Just a touch of snow

Do your baking with a child. They will love the experience and they will be excited to go for a walk with you after the cookies are done, especially if you promise hot chocolate afterwards!  You can’t let them down and you can have fun taking pictures of your walk!


Baking is so much fun!

Shopping for gifts, if you shop at your neighborhood stores, actually will get you out for a fun and accomplished walk!  The added benefits are you are supporting your community businesses, you will discover things you have never noticed in the wonderful shops, and you can often find very unique gifts….all while you are out moving about!


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Always keep your smart phone camera or a small point-and-shoot camera handy! Those quick 15 minute walks can add up for both your health and your love of photographing life around you. You never know what you will find!


Walking along the waterfront

Finally, reward yourself for all the time you spend preparing for a wonderful holiday season by planning to do a walk on the actual Holidays.  You can gather your visiting friends and family and organize a photo walk…what fun to take pictures of people who are so special to you!  And all outside while you are walking off those delicious goodies.


A beautiful walk taken by Camera Walker Sanae Yorozu

So….take a few minutes scattered here and there to reflect on your own joys and successes.  Our Facebook page is open for you to post….we would love to have you share some of your walking moments with other Camera Walkers during this wonderful time of year!

Christmas light

Christmas light

Carol and I want to wish you and your families a wonderful Holiday Season!  Have fun, get moving, and take pictures!

These are the joys of the season!

Wishing You A Wonderful Holiday Season

Wishing You A Wonderful Holiday Season

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