Portland Oregon is Made For Walking!

You can have a wonderful day just walking in a Portland neighborhood and taking delightful pictures!  Portland is a great place to escape to for a fun weekend and so easy to get around.

Portland by night is charming.

Portland by night is charming.

Out of 50 Metropolitan areas, Portland ranked 12th in the “Most Walkable City”  ratings. Check out this terrific walking video “City Walk: Walkscore Portland, Oregon”

Portland's Union Station

Portland’s Union Station

We headed off to Portland to explore the area, traveling Amtrak’s Cascadia train from Seattle and Olympia and right into downtown Portland.  There are lots of hotels to stay in close to the Union Station; so, grab your camera, gloves, a warm jacket and good shoes and head to the City of Roses.

The Rose City

The Rose City

We found the Willamette Waterfront delightful with great walking paths, fantastic bridges,  lovely skylines, lots of interpretive signs along the way, and plenty of good people watching. The sun in the morning allowed this great shot!



Walking on the city streets was an incredible treat as we looked up to see the reflections in the high-rise buildings

Reflection in the Morning

Reflection in the Morning

Fine Sculptures and whimsical art can be found all over Portland, depicting the history of the area, the people that have passed along its paths, and the character of this treasured city.  Enjoy stopping along the way to gaze into the eyes of the bronze statue to gather thoughts that they might have had!



Portland has so many wonderful spots to explore: the Portland Japanese garden, the Oregon Zoo, the individual neighborhoods, and many wonderful parks. We found a really great site for a good exploration map for the city.

Forest Park...An amazing place to walk

Forest Park…An amazing place to walk

We were lucky enough to meet-up with our Camera Walker associate Alicia who took us to one of her favorite places to walk: Forest Park.

Forest Beauty

Forest Beauty

There are 30 miles of trails throughout the 5,157 acre park that winds all over from many trailheads.  The great thing about this park is you can access several of the trailheads via TriMet MAX  or the excellent bus service.  Check out the Forest Park Conservancy site  to find the trails you want to explore!

Flower Watercolor

Speaking of TriMet MAX, the light rail system in Portland is amazing.  You can travel all over the region to get to so many fantastic walks.  Take a look at “Walk There! 50 Treks In and Around Portland”.  You can get it on Amazon before you go, or drop in at Powell’s Books and pick up a copy.


Be careful though, Powell’s is truly an addictive place! It is one of the landmarks in Portland. You could find yourself walking for hours browsing the 4-story city block of books and taking home an extra suitcase loaded with books!

CameraWalking is expanding its reach and developing a network of people that want to share their cities, villages, parks and shorelines with other Camera Walkers.  Having local knowledge of an area opens up so many great places to explore that you might otherwise miss.  Check back with us to see more photos and pathways that we find for your next adventure out CameraWalking.

If you are interested in learning “inside tips” of great places to walk or want to become a Camera Walker and be a resource for your city, just drop us an email at getmoving@camerawalking.com . We would love to have you join our network or would be happy to help you find an “insider’s guide” from other Camera Walkers.

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