Walkers Take Care of Your Feet!

If you walk as much as I do (about 25-30 miles/week) then you know how important it is to take care of your feet. Many people think this means a pedicure once every few weeks.  It is much more!

After Pedicure

After Pedicure

This came home to me over the last few months when I realized that my walking shoes were creating problems for my toes. Several doctor’s appointments later, I realized that I needed to upgrade my footwear.  I went in search shoe options and for other feet healthy strategies that I could share with you.

Footwear: Having good, supportive walking shoes is the most important strategy. There are so many choices and we each have our favorites.. I found this article on REI a great help. I agree with its recommendation that “fit triumphs technology.” It also has a number of excellent ideas about what works best for walking, how to shop for your shoes, and how to test them out.. After wearing Keen walking shoes for years, which I have loved, I ended up with Brooks Addiction, a size larger than before, with plenty of room for my toes to move. What a difference!

Stretching: When our leg muscles get tight from walking, they can pull on the muscles in your feet, causing pain and impacting your ability to walk comfortably. Stretching before and after your walk can make a world of difference. This short video gives some very good and practical quick stretches to keep you walking with ease.

But there’s more: There are inexpensive tools that you can use at home to untangle those tight muscles either in your feet or legs. I use foot rollers to relax the muscles and facia so that my feet stay flexible and pain free.

Tools to support your feet!

Tools to support your feet!

Another option is the Big Stick, which I have been using for years. You just roll the stick, firmly, but gently, over your legs.  You will be surprised how good it feels!

Another great tip is using a foam roller to get to the deeper muscles in your legs and all over your body. The following short video gives you a good overview of the benefits and some techniques you might try.

Remember the benefits: These are just some of the strategies that work for me to keep my feet in good shape.  You check out more resources on our site. We would love to hear from you about what works for you. Investing a small amount of time and money to ensure that your feet are flexible, strong and supported will pay off as you go out Camera Walking.  The ability to get good exercise and capture great photos is the most important benefit of all!

Looking down

Looking down

So grab your camera, put on your best walking shoes and go out Camera Walking!

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