Doing Homework with a Camera and a Walk

I wrote about Family Time…CameraWalking Style in the summer. If you missed it, I hope you will take a look!  One of the young kiddos was my granddaughter Mia.  She loves her Fisher Price camera and, as a new kindergartner, has leaned what fun it is to do “homework” using a camera.

IMG_6536 cropped

Mia’s First Photo with the DSLR. Not bad for a 5 year old!

Encouraging children to use a camera can lead to lots of learning, fun adventures, and even making a “homework project” a very cool experience.  Mia had an assignment to find shapes outside and share them with her class.  I had my DSLR Canon camera with me when we went to a park and offered to show her how to use it to take pictures of the shapes she found. She was so excited to use “Mimi’s camera” and went about looking for shapes.

Circles and Long Rectangles

Circles and Long Rectangles

When she found a shape, we talked about it and then I helped her figure out how to look through the view finder and get the shape in the photo.

A Circle and a Square

A Circle and a Square

The camera was heavy and, at first, looking through the small view finder and holding it was hard, but she persevered and took some good pictures all by herself!

Mia’s project continued when she had prints of the photos she took.

Mia was so proud of her work!

Mia was so proud of her work!

She pasted them to papers, drew the shape she found, and labeled them. She was so excited to take her project to school to share with her teacher and her friends!

Lots of Shapes!

Lots of Shapes!

She even included the one picture I took for her….can you see which one it was?

  • This project was so much fun and was far more important than just learning Shapes.
  • An adventure and walk with her grandma
  • Having another fun adventure with a camera
  • Confidence to try something new
  • Finding things and creating your own way to share
  • Pride in putting all the parts together
  • Excitement to use a “big camera”….she was so proud of herself!
  • And, she took good pictures!

The lessons learned is so simple: Grab that camera you love and head out the door for a walk with a child. Don’t forget to stop and play a bit along the way!

We Walked to a  Wonderful Playfield!

We Walked to a Wonderful Playfield!

CameraWalking can be a great way to bond with your child or grandchild. You can really open up their eyes to the joy of photography, get some exercise, and share some very special time together.  Mia even tried out some pictures after it was dark. We have a ways to go on that, but she loves the picture I got with the “big camera”.

A little girl with a big camera!

A little girl with a big camera!

Just think, your young protégé might take some photos that they can create into gifts they can give to their family and friends.  Take a look at our blog about  making gifts.

Your walk with your child can become an incredible opportunity to share their success in many ways!  SO, head on out and have fun Camera Walking!

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