Five Great Reasons to Rent Camera Gear

I love photography and slowly I am upgrading my equipment that I think will improve my shots.  The reality is this takes both time and money. One way you can have it both ways is to rent equipment.  Whether you are new to photography or an advanced shooter, there are many good reasons to consider renting camera gear. Here are my five reasons for renting:

  • Travel: Whether it is a long-planned trip or a trip to see family over the holidays, renting camera gear is a great option. I recently went to Iceland and, although I have two great lenses (24-105mm and 70-200mm), I knew I wanted to be able to take wider angle views, so I rented a 17-40 mm lens from More about that experience later, but you can see from my shots below, it was well worth the small investment.
Ice Animals

Ice Animals

  • Avoid buyers remorse: Although I loved using the 17-40mm lens, I decided that it didn’t make the top of the list for expanding my equipment. Investing $78 for a two week rental gave me the use of the lens, some great photos, and the knowledge that I didn’t want to invest in a new one that would cost $840!
Geothermal Pools

Geothermal Pools

  • Makes great gifts:  If you have a photographer in your life that you aren’t sure what he/she wants, purchase a gift card for them to try out equipment. Many companies, such as, also have great used equipment if your photographer falls in love with the rented equipment.
  • Try out the newest thing: For all of you early adopters wanting to try out the newest thing, renting makes it fun and affordable. I want to eventually upgrade to a Canon 5 Mark III, so I am itching to rent one and experiment with it. Or perhaps you want to try one of the new mirrorless cameras that are great for travel. Rent first!
  • And finally….this video from, has the best, fun reason to rent, so watch to the end to find out the most important reason!

It is easy to rent. Your local camera shop might offer rentals, and if not, there are many online options. I used to rent my lens. The process was easy: they shipped the lens to me with a return label for an effortless return. That was it! For an extra $9, I was able to purchase insurance relieving my concerns about damage, or dropping it into the lagoon; a photographer’s worse fear. 

So try it out. Experiment with new gear and go out Camera Walking! We would love to hear from you about your experiences renting gear, so comment below, talk to us on Facebook, or send us an email at

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