Want Great Photos? There’s an App for that!

One of the fun things about Camera Walking is that you don’t have to have an expensive camera to get great photos.  Smartphone cameras now take very good photos. And with the growing number of apps available, you can take your photos from good to great with a little investment of time!

The number of apps available are too exhaustive to list here, but we thought we would share a few that we have tried, liked and recommend. Overall, Snapseed is a great app available for Android and IOS platforms. There is also an app for use on computers. Snapseed was developed by Niks Software, now owned by Google, and is so versatile and easy to use.  Take a look at a recent video we made about editing photos with Snapseed.

Camera+ and Camera Awesome (IOS) as well as Camera MX (IOS and Android) are apps that you can use from start to finish. Take the photo with the camera built into the app, use the various filters available in the app, save it to your camera roll or publish it. If you want to play with your photos to get other possibilities, try using Photoshop Express, Color Strokes or 100 Cameras in 1. All of these allow you to let the artist in you emerge.

Here is a photo taken with Camera+ with some basic editing then saved to the camera roll.

Seagull Watching

Seagull Watching

Once in the camera roll, using 100 Cameras in 1, upload the photo and play with the filters available in the app. This is the photo that emerged.

Sunset Gull

Sunset Gull

So check out the many apps available and experiment with your photos you take while out Camera Walking. For more tips head over to our website at CameraWalking.com. Let us know which ones you like to use to add to our growing list!

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