TRACK your progress and your adventures!

When you head out CameraWalking, you have several choices.   You can decide how long you will walk and keep checking your watch. You can use a pedometer to track your calories burned, the number of steps you have taken, or you can track Points you earn,  if you are on Weight Watchers (membership required).

You can also use your Smartphone and a Tracking APP to get your path, your stats, and even save your path for walking this way again!  We have tried several Apps and like the three listed below. Each one is a bit different, but they each have lots of benefits.   They also allow you to set them for walking, jogging, running, or biking.

Map My Walk works with Apple, Android and Windows phones and has many excellent features. You can map your route, track your activities, log the food you eat, and share your progress with your friends. You can join up by going to your Google Play Store or ITunes.

Pathway in the Woods

Endomondo is a great app that has been around for quite awhile and is available to use on all platforms.  There are several levels of this app, beginning with a free version and progressing upwards, depending on the features you want. It can track the duration of your walk, monitor your heart rate, calculate the calories used and the distance you have traveled.  You can pause it if you take a rest.

My Tracks is the best app we have found for Android Smartphone’s.  It is an open Source project by Google, it is easy to use, and does great tracking; you can save each map by naming it and you can easily download the map to save it and print it out for a route map for an event!  It has a simple chart to see your elevation and speed and has a stat sheet that summarizes the walk.  You can even connect to Google earth with it and it will play back your walk just like you moved along!  It is so easy to use. Just push the Start button and push Stop when you are done! Be sure to save your walk and then play with the playback feature in Google Earth. Have fun!

Each one of these tools will help give you incentive to keep going.  You can create a map of the places you go and store your photos in the same file.  If you are keeping a photo book of the places you are walking, save your map as a JPEG and put in your book.


Take your kids out for a walk and get them excited about going a little farther the “next time” . They will love seeing where they went and how far they traveled.

These trackers are also a great traveling tool.  Next time you visit an new city, be sure to turn on your tracking tool when you head out to explore.  How many times have you wished you could remember where you were when you found that perfect shop or amazing sight!  All you need to do is refer to the map you have created of your walk and you can re-trace your steps!!!


So, grab your camera, download a tracking app on your Smartphone, push Start, and begin CameraWalking!

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