Urban Walking – Camera Walking Style

Around the world more people are living in urban settings and the numbers are growing according to a study by the World Bank. Fortunately for Camera Walkers, walking in the city or an urban area can be as interesting as walking in a beautiful park or in the country.


The Poetree: A neighborhood surprise.

While urban walking, there are extra precautions to keep in mind. In addition to watching out for uneven surfaces, urban Camera Walkers also have to deal with traffic, bicyclists, and other pedestrians.  Not everyone stops for pedestrians, even at crosswalks, so be alert when crossing streets. And remember to carry your identification, a cell phone, money for an emergency (or a coffee), and if the weather is hot, water. One very special warning: If you find a great shot that you must take while in the crosswalk, as we did, do it quickly and watch for turning cars.

Windy City

Windy City: Took this in the middle of a crosswalk.

To make the most of your walk, determine a destination – walk to and from a meeting, or explore a different part of the city. One trick is to pretend that you don’t live in your city and think about where a tourist might go and plan that walk. If you aren’t sure where to go, consult your city’s transportation or recreation department’s website. Many have excellent walking maps that might give you ideas. You can also look for city walking guides such as this one for my city, Seattle. Search for your city and you will most likely find one published by Wilderness Press.

Seattle Center

Seattle Center: A popular tourist site.

Camera Walking techniques apply to urban walks as well as in nature – between the stops you make for taking photos and traffic, walk briskly.  While walking, look around to see what could be an interesting shot.

Floating Models

Floating Model: Through a storefront window.

It might surprise you to see what you find on a side of a building, a side street, in a shop window or above you.

Urban Laundry

Urban Laundry: An iPhone photo along my walk in the city.

So grab your camera, smartphone and get out and enjoy urban Camera Walking. For more ideas, resources and tips, go to our website www.camerawalking.com. We would love to hear about your urban Camera Walking adventures, so send us a note at get moving(at)camerawalking.com.

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