Family Time…Camera Walking Style

When the walls get too close in the house, it is time to get the kids outside!  Make a fun time of it by taking a walk with cameras…not just for you, but also for your kids.  The great benefit of walking with your kids is establishing a life-long habit at a young age.  Making a walk exciting will help everyone truly get moving!  “New research found that when parents walked 2,000 more steps a day, their kids activity levels increased by the same amount.”  We all know we are models for our children.  Modeling walking and creative expression together opens wonderful doors. camerakids_Fotor_Collage

How do you do a fun family walk that engages everyone?  Arm each person, no matter the age, with water, a snack, and a camera.  And don’t forget sun glasses, a hat, and some sunscreen, even on cloudy days!

The simplicity of digital cameras allows grade-school aged children to turn a walk with mom and dad into a real adventure.


Try sending them on a scavenger hunt, within full view, cheering them on to take a picture of a flower, a swing set, a leaf, a tree, or have them take a picture of you with your camera. It will be amazing to see the photos they will take.  The added bonus to this fun activity is you are all moving about and getting lots of exercise.

Let’s talk about the pre-school set…there are really fun cameras available that take good pictures and excite the little ones to enjoy cameras…they will be so happy with this special “toy”.  Beware, they won’t want to leave home without their camera.

We have found the two best children’s cameras: V-tech and Fisher Price. _MG_0388

You can buy them as simple or complex as you want.  If you are serious about developing an interest in photography, consider the Fisher Price Kid Tough See Yourself Camera.  There are added features that will keep the young photographers engaged time and time again.


When you get home, be sure to download the pictures you all have taken. You and your computer-savvy children can do some simple editing to make the pictures into more than just a snap-shot that gets stuck on a digital camera.

How about making a book for your child of the walks you have taken this summer?  Check out BLURB on our website, an easy and creative way to build a photo book.  They allow for some simple editing and titling.  It will be wonderful for your developing artist to share their pictures with their classmates when they return to school in the fall.

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