Why Walking Matters

If you have been paying attention to all of the various health reports, I am sure you have heard that walking is good for your health! That is why we are passionate about CameraWalking. For some, it takes a bit to get motivated, so that is why we want to share this fun video with you; it says it all!

Because it is helpful to walk with good posture, we thought we would share this Mayo Foundation diagram with you.

While Camera Walking, be sure that your camera is comfortable on your body. Consider using on a cross body strap like Black Rapid. They are more comfortable than a neck strap. Another great tool that we use is a sling bag made by Lowepro that can hold your gear while walking. The key is to keep your good posture while exploring with your camera.

What gear do you like to use while Camera Walking? Let us know so that we can share with others.

Shoes are very important to good walking. Although there are many brands, both Merrill and Keens are great options to consider and you can find them at  These shoes are designed with good support, are comfortable right out of the box and many are water resistant or water proof.

So grab your camera, put on your shoes and head out to do Camera Walking. Remember, in between the stops you make to take photos, walk briskly! Not only will you expand your creativity, but you will be reaping the many benefits of walking.

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