Walking At A Marina… CameraWalking style

IMG_4780 aA fun place to walk with your camera is at a marina and in the community close by. There are wonderful photos just waiting to be taken and you can dream of adventures along the way.  Enriching your life by observing the world around you fits perfectly into walking at a marina.  While it is hard to take a “camera walker’s brisk walk” on the docks, the walk is still getting you to move.  Often, you will also find very unique neighborhoods around a marina. That is the part of your walk that you can get your heart rate up and complete your walking adventure.

We found a wonderful marina and community to walk in that allowed us to really use our cameras. Boston Harbor Marina is close to Olympia, Washington and has the true charm and beauty of the long slow days of summer. You can arrive there by car or boat and be immediately swept into life on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest.

Boston Harbor store signOn Sundays in the summer there is an added bonus with this Camera Walk.  Breakfast is served on the pier from 9 am – 11 am, so you can really make this a fun day, get some exercise, and take some great shots.

When you look around a marina, there are many subjects that allow you to take expressive pictures.

_MG_1149The name on a boat, the character of a well-loved row boat, or a dock that allows a view of days gone by.

Here are some of the photos that we took along the docks.  The light was particularly good and the clouds were fantastic!  When you have an opportunity to get shots with clouds behind your subject, you can truly get dramatic results.

IMG_4786 a 

There were lovely colors in this cottage that displayed the world around this small community surrounding the harbor.


Looking in a window, the starfish on display has become a subject all its own.

_MG_1177When you take your camera along, be sure you snap lots of pictures.  When you get back to your computer, you may see  opportunities to crop or enhance just a part of a photo to show your great walk as a photo essay of a community!

Have fun, move briskly, and snap away!!  Be sure to check-out our website www.camerawalking.com   for new tips and coming events, or click onto our Facebook link and post. We would love to have you share some of your pictures of special places you have found in your communities when you are out walking.   Be sure to tell us where you are so we can see other walking areas…the world is CameraWalking…not just in the Pacific Northwest! 

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