Fun With Filters

When you are out CameraWalking, don’t worry about perfection.  It is so much fun to look at your pictures after your walk. You likely will find some mundane pictures that you are tempted to delete.  But wait! You can change the entire photo by cropping, using a filter or two, or changing the medium to represent a drawing or even a watercolor.  Check out some of the options that are easy to get and simple to use.

MB Bird on PoleHere is the original photo I took on a morning walk.  It is not very interesting, but, with a little “playing around”, it can take on some real character.

I cropped it to get rid of the excess stuff in the picture. Since the bird is looking forward, you normally want to give the sense of movement by having space in front of the object. In this case, the leaves added to the composition.

MB Bird on Pole Adjusted

By using  Topaz Labs’ Adjust Plugin filter, the leaves in the background took on an interesting value. The color in the sky and the power head gained texture.

We love to use Topaz Labs to do fun post production to turn an ordinary photo to something special. Give it a try. You also can check out our Flickr site to see some creativity done with filters.

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