Welcome to CameraWalking Blog!

We all walk and we know the benefits of it, and some of us take photos on a regular basis, but have you thought of combining them? We did. We created CameraWalking to inspire you to take a daily walk with a camera to achieve better health, fitness and creativity.

Best Cameras

Everyone can take exciting and interesting photographs now that we have digital options that range from smartphones, small point and shoot cameras to higher end digital SLRs. Not having sophisticated camera gear is no longer a barrier. Chase Jarvis, a commercial photographer from Seattle, has expressed this perfectly when he said, “The best camera is the one that is with you” and has translated it into an app and a book.

We personally use several different cameras on our walks. We both use our smartphones because they are always with us. When we want to take a longer walk we usually use our DSLR cameras (Canon 60D and Canon Rebel) or our point and shoots (Canon G15 and Canon ELF). If you are not sure which camera is best for you, try renting from BorrowLenses.com. It is a great way to test drive cameras and other photography equipment.

So remember, the best way to get out and moving is to take the camera you have and go explore and reap the benefits of being a camera walker!

Take a look at our website for more ideas and resources, www.camerawalking.com!

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